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Secrets of Code: Communicating with Cyphers & Binary

We learn about how humans have used cyphers to communicate throughout history and link to how computers work using binary code.

Cyphers & Code: Communicating and Calculating with Binary

We learn about the use of cyphers to communicate throughout history. We then learn about how computers work using binary code, including the way that calculators perform their calculations using binary. 

The Secrets of Encryption: From the Romans to Today

We learn about the use of cyphers to communicate throughout history and how these form the basis of modern day encryption in technology. 

Coding Unplugged

"This was a great workshop for getting to the basics of coding and the children were so engaged with the video demonstrations!"

Brilliant Bridges

"The activities were all so easy to set up in the classroom and outdoors and we had lots of fun building bridges for days!"

Crazy Caterpillars

"This workshop went so well with our life cycles topic and we all loved having a choice of different activities to try out. The children talked about it for days!"

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"Wonderful classes that keep my daughter (and me!) engaged with great ideas to explore outside of the class too. We still go back to some experiments months later."

Get unlimited access to classes

"Each class and the learning/play activities have been enjoyable in their own right, but I think the biggest benefits have been in Little STEAMers as long-term activity to prepare my daughter for school and help me support her play and learning."

Coding Unplugged

"I'm an engineer but can never break down things so simply for my daughter like these classes. It was so fun to do some "coding" together!"  

Discover Dinosaurs

"My daughter adores dinosaurs and this class was a major hit! We used the activities so many times afterwards and talked about the scientific terms we'd learnt in the class."  

Space Explorers

"We usually learn about space by going to the Science Museum, but this was the most fun we've ever had learning about space - thank you!"  

Get your first curated set of classes

"My daughter likes to tell her family and friends that she does Science Club! Her first class was so exciting for her because she met a real scientist."

Continue your STEAM learning journey

"My husband and I get excited when we see the next topic and gather bits to prepare. It allows us to discuss ahead of the session and go back to concepts afterwards."

Take your STEAM learning to the next level

"I couldn't believe my 3-year old understood gravity so well after the class. Even my 18 month old was shouting gravity at bath time whenever she dropped things!"

EYFS Taster Class

"My class loved Little STEAMers so much we signed up for a whole term. Even the staff love joining in with the song at the end. It's the highlight of our week!"  

Little STEAMers Summer Term for EYFS

"Amazing sessions. We all love them. We had so much fun with the coding activity the children ask to do it every week!"

Little STEAMers Spring Term for EYFS

"Amazing sessions. We all love them. It is amazing that some of our children, aged three, have understood the concept of symmetry completely!"

Little STEAMers Autumn Term for EYFS

"Amazing sessions. We all love them. It is amazing that some of our children, aged three, have understood the concept of symmetry completely!"

Full Term of STEM for KS1

"My child has come home every Tuesday excited to tell me all about the engineering he's learnt at school. It's the highlight of his week."

Strong Foundations: Full Term of STEM for KS2

"The children had so much fun! I've loved doing these activities too because it really shows how simple it is to do in the classroom and with minimal resources."

Ride Building: Full Term of STEM for KS2

"The ideas were brilliant with everything done for you which made it very easy to run every week and the pupils loved taking home their creations."

Game Design: Full Term of STEM for KS2

"I think that the introductions made things very straight forward for the children. The pupils were desperate to get their hands on the activities."

Try this Free Schools Engineering Challenge

"The pupils were totally engaged with the challenge. It was very interesting and well structured with a great balance between input and practical."

Super Structures Workshop for KS1

"The activities were really hands on, engaging and fun. It gave all students an opportunity to get involved. "

Marvellous Machines Workshop for KS1

"The children loved the activities - they felt like games so they didn't even realise they were building and learning about mechanisms."

Saving the Day Invention Workshop for KS1

"The workshop was great fun, pitched correctly and really easy to manage with the resource list provided. My class loved it!"

Engineering & Structures Workshop for KS2

"The children were completely engaged in the workshop and had the best time creating their inventions in small groups with the resources provided to them. A few children commented on the day using words such as 'inspiring' which was really great to hear."

Engineering & Machines Workshop for KS2

"The children loved it and they were really excited to be engineers for the afternoon! They also really understood the scientific content."

Invention & Design Workshop for KS2

"The workshop was pitched at exactly the right level with plenty of hands on fun. It was just the right length too - couldn't fault it."

Give staff confidence in engineering

"Thank you so much for enthusing our teachers to plan more practical lessons - the feedback from staff was extremely positive and just the right approach for our pupils." 

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