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Hi, I'm Laura from Inventors & Makers. Our virtual sessions are designed to make STEM accessible for you to do from school, nursery or home.

We do all the hard work of planning and teaching STEM for you. We even use resources and equipment you'll probably already have. So all you need to do is get yourself set up and press play on our videos.

Take a look through our workshops and after-school clubs for EYFS, KS1 and KS2, and our home-based Little STEAMers classes for ages 2-5.

Available Sessions

Free Taster Class for EYFS

This taster class introduces you to your first Little STEAMers with a slightly shorter, but equally fun, session all about floating and sinking.

Crazy Caterpillars Workshop for EYFS

This workshop covers the life cycle of a butterfly as we read, sing, move, have fun with maths and learn about scientific reactions.

Brilliant Bridges Workshop for EYFS

This workshop inspires children to engineer bridges in different ways using a story, actions, new ideas and familiar resources.

Space Explorers Workshop for EYFS

Children travel to the Moon with this workshop as we read a story, make star gazer telescopes, blast off a rocket and print Moon paintings.

Coding Unplugged Workshop for EYFS

This workshop gets your children developing skills behind coding like logic, sequencing and directions with numbers, songs and games.

Clever Levers Workshop for EYFS

This workshop links to forces as children explore engineering with levers by building seesaws, lifting books and firing catapults.

Little STEAMers Autumn Term for EYFS

These Little STEAMers sessions include topical content like Christmas and Halloween, as well as colours, floating, ice and dinosaurs.

Little STEAMers Spring Term for EYFS

These Little STEAMers sessions cover topical content like plant growth and Easter, as well as mini beasts, ramps and magnets.

Little STEAMers Summer Term for EYFS

These Little STEAMers sessions cover include topics to take outdoors like rainbows, boats and planes, as well as coding and pulleys. 

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