Little STEAMers Autumn Term for EYFS

Want to bring STEAM to your setting?

Want to get your children excited about learning?

Want all the hard work of teaching STEAM done for you?

Then Little STEAMers is perfect for you.

This Autumn Term course gives you a set of 10 Little STEAMers sessions tailored to the events during autumn so that you can link the classes to other learning in your setting.

"Amazing sessions. We all love them. It is amazing that some of our children, aged three, have understood the concept of symmetry completely!"

We'll be exploring colours, floating and sinking, symmetry and ice, as well as special sessions on animals, dinosaurs, Halloween, Christmas* and fireworks to keep your STEAM topical throughout the autumn term.  (If you need to swap out any content for cultural reasons we'd be happy to give access to a different class)

And you get everything you need for you and your staff to run the classes easily in your setting

What you get:

  • A curated set of 10 Little STEAMers on-demand classes 
  • Orientation video and information sheets for your staff to use before you get started. These can also double as part of their professional development.
  • Preparation details to get your setting ready for every class
  • Exploration support for your staff with questions and ideas to help you support your children's learning
  • Observation Sheets tailored to every class.
  • Learning Journal Sheets for every class to share with parents.
  • Bonus content for every topic such as tables, templates or extra ideas to up level children's learning
  • Short stand-alone videos for each activity in the class for you to use to preview or recap the activities
  • Printable certificates for your children at the end of term
  • Printable display materials to raise the profile of STEAM in your setting
  • Parent information sheets for the term's learning
  • Access for one term

12 Topics

Topic 1 - Colour Science

In this topic we explore colours with some fun science and art and it's a good starting place for Little STEAMers.

We mix colours in a couple of different investigations. We then separate colours with chromatography to find out what's hiding inside the colour black. 

Topic 2 - Sink It!

In this topic we explore floating and sinking with counting, measurement, weight and problem solving challenges!

It's water play with an educational twist and a top favourite class for children as they learn through playing around with water.

Topic 3 - Weight's Up?

In this topic we explore weight, learning about heavy things and light things.

We build our own seesaws and weighing scales and practice weighing and comparing different objects you'll find around your setting.

Topic 4 - Ice Adventures

In this topic we explore ice with some fun science and it's a really fun class for exploring with ice before the weather starts to get too cold to go outside but while it's still cool enough that it doesn't melt immediately. 

We talk about the properties of ice and freezing and melting. We also use salt with ice to get some pretty cool results.

Topic 5 - Safari STEAM

This special safari-themed class explores science and maths linked to animals.

We learn about where different animals live and think about tracking animals. We then use some science to make our own giraffe skins.

Topic 6 - Hocus Pocus Potions

This Halloween special topic explores potions with lots of science and maths.

We learn about mixing and combining different ingredients as well as separating some of them back out again. We then make our own spooky halloween lava lamps. There's even a bonus video with some pumpkin science!

Topic 7 - Fantastic Fireworks

This Bonfire Night special topic explores fireworks with lots of science and maths.

We learn about mixing oil and water, how air can be used as a force and we get messy as we make our own firework pictures using a fun technique.

Topic 8 - Weather Watchers

This topic explores the weather and measurement.

We learn about how clouds form and we make our own rain gauges and anemometers to measure and record the weather.

Topic 9 - Discover Dinosaurs

This is one of our favourite topics and explores dinosaurs and paleontology.

We learn about fossils as we make our own, we dig to find dinosaurs just like a real paleontologist and we get creative as we make dinosaur skeletons.

Topic 10 - Christmas Special

In this class we get into the festive spirit with some Christmas-themed STEAM.

We engineer toy shutes like Santa's elves, get creative with ice lanterns and engineer our own Christmas trees with shapes and counting.

Topics for this session 12
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