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        • Jem Garraway D&T Coordinator
  • "The fabulous STEM Hero resources have become a daily part of my life! As a D&T specialist in a prep school this is the starter to my lesson each day. The children can’t wait to see who it will be and what we will talk about. It’s easy for me because Laura has done the hard work putting the materials together. She makes sure that they are inclusive by making sure she represents STEM heroes from all backgrounds which helps all our young people think that this is aimed at them and they can take their designing and making to the next level by making something life changing. As well as this, I have a fabulous wall display which is current and updated each week!"
        • Vanessa D&T Specialist
  • "I have used these all year, every week I print them off and add them to a display. The children have enjoyed reading them and look forward to who it will be the following week. Even I have been learning along the way - they do say that everyday is a school day! Thank you these are a great resource to have available."
        • Rachel Davies

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41 Topics

Roald Dahl (September)

Roald Dahl day is 13th September but he's a great (and surprising) inventor to share with pupils any time of year!

Jane Goodall (September)

International Day of Peace day falls on the 21st September but Jane's a great STEM hero for the animal lovers in your class any time.

Isaac Newton (September)

To celebrate Happy Cat Month (September) find out about one of Isaac Newton's less well known inventions for cats.

John Lee Love (September)

If you've started sharpening pencils already in the new academic year, you might want to thank inventor John Lee Love. 

Katherine Johnson (October)

Katherine Johnson is one of the amazing mathematicians behind the US moon landings, linking to both Black History Month and World Space Week.

Ada Lovelace (October)

The second Tuesday in October every year is Ada Lovelace day, an international celebration of the first computer programmer.

Alan Emtage (October)

For Black History Month, learn about Alan Emtage, a computer innovator who invented the internet's game changing search. 

Margaret Hamilton (October)

Margaret Hamilton was a pioneer of software that first put man on the moon and an inspiring example for World Space Week. 

Li Tian (November)

For Bonfire Night celebrations in November, read the story of the Chinese accidental inventor of fireworks, Li Tian.

Marie Curie (November)

Marie Curie is an interesting person to study but did you know about her front line contributions to injured soldiers in WW1.

Dr Doulaye Kone (November)

For the United Nation's World Toilet Day, read about Dr Doulaye Kone, an innovator for improved sanitation in developing countries.

John McFall (November)

Disability History Month in the UK is from November into December so a great time to read about John McFall, UK astronaut and history maker. 

Dean Kamen (December)

Another key figure for Disability History Month is Dean Kamen who has worked hard to solve some of the problems faced by disabled people. 

Marie Van Brittan Brown (December)

In December 1969 the nurse turned inventor Marie Van Brittan Brown had her world changing patent granted for the home security system.

Thomas Edison (December)

With Christmas lights on strings all over the place, learn about another invention by prolific inventor Thomas Edison who made them first

Louis Braille (January)

January 4th is Louis Braille's birthday and has been declared World Braille Day to celebrate his contributions to the deaf community.

Joseph Strauss (January)

The 9th January is the birthday of Joseph Strauss, the engineer behind one of the most photographed bridges in the world.

Ole Kirk Christiansen (January)

Lego is one of the most popular toys for boys and girls all over the world and there's even a day to celebrate it on January 28th!

Pietro & Michele Ferrerro (February)

5th February is World Nutella Day and a fun time to learn about the bakers who seized on a post-World War II problem and devised a delicious solution.

Radia Perlman (February)

For Safer Internet Day learn about Radia Perlman's contributions to network security which led to the creation of the Internet as we know it today. 

Steve Jobs (February)

Steve Jobs' is a story of entrepreneurialism and building something out of nothing and his birthday would have been on the 24th February. 

Arthur Melin (March)

Arthur Melin made some whacky inventions including the frisbee and the hula hoop. March 5th is the anniversary of the patent for his very first hula hoop. 

Alexander Graham Bell (March)

There's debate over whether Alexander Graham Bell was the telephone's first inventor but he made it to the patent office first, on the 8th March 1876.

Joan Clarke (March)

For Women's History Month learn about British cryptographer Joan Clarke, part of the code-breaking team at Bletchley Park during WW2. 

Kalpana Chawla (March)

The 17th March would have been the birthday of Kalpana Chawla, the first woman of Indian origin to go into space. 

Birds & Eggs (April)

Spring is the perfect time to recognise the STEM genius of nature with the amazing egg! You could try out cracking an Easter egg too.

Leonardo Da Vinci (April)

On 15th April 1452, one of the greatest polymaths to have ever lived and the original Renaissance Man, Leonardo da Vinci was born. 

Noel Fitzpatrick (April)

With both World Vet Day and Cat Month in April it's the perfect time to hear about Noel Fitzpatrick, aka the Supervet, who's improved the lives of injured pets. 

Florence Nightingale (May)

12th May every year marks International Nurses Day and the birthday of the founder of modern nursing: Florence Nightingale.

The Bee (May)

Celebrate our tiny furry friends, who it turns out are also nature's greatest engineers for World Bee Day.

Hugh Dowding (June)

Hugh Dowding will be particularly interesting if you're studying World War II or to learn about for D-Day.

Boyan Slat (June)

An inspiring young inventor doing his best to clean up plastic pollution who came up with his design while he was still at school.

Topher White (June)

Topher White - inventor of Forest Guardians - a simple solution to a major environmental problem in the rainforests.

Ruth Amos (June)

For Women in Engineering Day meet inspiring engineer, inventor, children's presenter and YouTuber for kids.

Alan Turing (June)

There's something so intriguing about secret communication and codes to children and adults alike so, here's Alan Turing and his inspirational story.

Paul Hawkins (July)

A good inventor for sports fans, especially Tennis and Cricket. Paul's invention came from an umpire's poor decision.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Possibly the greatest engineer of all time and a fantastic link to the Victorians, British history and rivers topics.

Charles Goodyear

Charles Goodyear is the inventor of the first rubber standardised football, a great one for all your football mad children.

William Kamkwamba

One of our absolute favourite inventors to inspire young inventors any time of year is the boy who harnessed the wind. 

Allie Katz

Allie Katz is an inspirational inventor and friend of Inventors & Makers who can show us the value of trying lots of new things.

Constance Spry

Constance Spry was the inventor of Coronation Chicken back at the coronation of Elizabeth II. She even had a type of rose named after her!

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