CPD Staff Training on Engineering

 Want to boost your pupils' achievement across the curriculum?

 Want to engage learners who may need more practical activities?

 Want to develop skills like problem solving, creativity and collaboration?

Research has shown that including engineering activities in primary school can help you achieve all three of these goals.

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Our pre-recorded STEM training session gives your staff across the school the skills and confidence they need to bring engineering into their classrooms, helping pupils in all subjects and raising the profile of STEM in the whole school.

We'll show you specific activities you can try, along with guidance for how to adapt them for EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

All of the activities use cheap and accessible resources which you can easily replicate in the classroom.

Plus, we'll help you:

  • Equip staff with simple and practical ideas they can use in their existing planning. 

  • Enrich pupils' learning as teachers embed STEM ideas into every subject from Art to PE.

  • Impress parents, governors and OFSTED by showing them how much you value STEM as part of a 21st century education.


"Thank you so much for enthusing our teachers to plan more practical lessons - the feedback from staff was extremely positive and just the right approach for our pupils."

(Headteacher, Dolphin School)


What you get:

  • Video Session made to be interactive with easy to follow instructions to pause and do activities, meaning all the planning and delivery is done for you, and you can join any time.
  • CPD Leader Guide helping you set up the session and tips for how to get the most out of it with your staff.
  • Printables to give context to the importance of engineering, recap on the activities with images, and help with planning.


During the session you'll get to:

  • Learn why the activities are important
  • Watch and then experience the activities yourselves to really think about how best to use them with your own pupils
  • Hear suggestions of ways you could adapt the activities to different age groups and topics
  • Be guided to map out where the activities could fit into your existing planning and your timetable

The training session will take around an hour in total, though it can be made to last longer. You can use the workshop with year/phase groups in their own time or with all staff together whenever you like with access for a whole school term.

For £99, access to the training lasts for one school term meaning you can use the training as many times as you like within your access period with small groups or your whole staff.

* Discounts are available when purchasing this session along with any of our workshops.

For information on discounts or if you want to get a taste first or have any questions email laura@inventorsandmakers.com

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