At Home - Hocus Pocus Potions

Ready for more Little STEAMers?

In this special Halloween-themed Little STEAMers class we'll explore potions with floating, sinking, dissolving, separating and finally with reactions as we make our own lava lamps!

There's so much fun learning for all ages and children can be occupied for hours after the class with their potions play.

I'll give you loads of suggestions too for how to do more maths and science as children play or you can just leave them to it to explore by themselves.

What you get with this class:

  • A 30-minute class to watch together
  • Preparation details to get you set up for success
  • Exploration support with questions and ideas to support the learning yourself
  • Bonus content to extend the learning with an extra potions recipe and the instructions for your lava lamp
  • Short dip-in videos for each activity in the class
  • BONUS: Extra Halloween Pumpkin Potion video
  • Access for one whole month from the date of purchase to try as many times as you like
  • A personalised certificate sent to your little one in the post!

About Little STEAMers

  • PLAY-BASED: Young children are naturally inquisitive and learn about their surroundings through play. The activities are designed so children learn through playing and exploring. I just give them the ideas and inspiration.
  • EXPERT-DESIGNED: Classes are designed alongside other early years specialists to be developmentally appropriate and research backed.
  • VARIED: Class topics cover a range of concepts from science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM) using story-telling, singing, movement and demonstrations.
  • HOME-BASED: Classes and activities are specially created to be joined online from a familiar home environment where children can play and learn more confidently.
  • FLEXIBLE: You can access the classes and other content on your schedule and enjoy quality time playing together at home for as long as your child is engaged in the activities or even in the following days and weeks. 
  • FOR GROWN UPS TOO: You get ideas and inspiration to encourage you child's curiosity even after the class has finished.

7 Topics

Preparation for Hocus Pocus Potions

Read through the Preparation details to prepare your mystery bag and check out any other bits and pieces it would be useful to have available.

You might also want to dress up in your best Halloween outfit to add to the fun!

Watch Class

Here's the video for the class when you're ready to watch!

You don't need to watch it all in one go, but can use the ideas as inspiration to try different activities together.

Bonus Content

Here's some optional content if you want to up-level your little one's learning with a potions recipe to follow and a reminder of the lava lamp instructions.

Activity 1 Dip In Video - Creating Potions

This is the first activity from the class in a stand-alone video in case you want to recap the activity or quickly dip into different activities to try.

Activity 2 Dip In Video - Separating Potions

This is the second activity from the class in a stand-alone video in case you want to recap the activity or quickly dip into different activities to try.

Activity 3 Dip In Video - Lava Lamp Potion

This is the third activity from the class in a stand-alone video in case you want to recap the activity or quickly dip into different activities to try.

🎃 BONUS: Pumpkin Potion

Make sure to click Mark as Complete under at least two other parts of this class to earn 4 Engagement Points (EPs).

With 4 EPs this part will be unlocked with a special extra pumpkin potion video for you to watch and maybe try.

Topics for this session 7
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