Hocus Pocus Potions Workshop for EYFS

Want to bring STEAM to your setting?

Want to get your children excited about learning?

Want all the hard work of teaching STEAM done for you?

Then Little STEAMers is perfect for you.

This workshop is linked to Halloween exploring potions with lots of science and maths, giving you all the teaching and planning to try out simple and exciting activities in your own setting.

We learn about mixing and combining different ingredients as well as separating some of them back out again. We then make our own spooky halloween lava lamps. There's even a bonus video with some pumpkin science!

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What you get:

  • A Little STEAMers on-demand workshop to do any time that suits you 
  • Optional training video and information sheets for your staff to use before you get started. These can also double as part of their professional development
  • Preparation details with very simple resources to get your setting ready for the workshop
  • Exploration support for your staff with questions and ideas to help you support your children's learning
  • Observation Sheets 
  • Learning Journal Sheets
  • Bonus content including a potions recipe, instructions for making lava lamps and a bonus pumpkin potions video
  • Printable certificates
  • Parent information sheets to send home
  • Printable display materials if you want to make a display to remember all your hard STEAM work

You'll need 45-60 minutes for the workshop but you could continue on with the activities at stations for a couple of days.

For £59* you can use the workshop with as many groups/classes as you like for a whole school term on your own schedule.

Please be aware that for this workshop you will need to source some simple materials in advance, most of which you'll already have in your setting and others like baking soda, vinegar and food colouring you may be able to bring in or buy cheaply. We estimate the total materials costs for running this workshop with one class of 30 pupils would be under £5.

You can see the full list of materials for this workshop here.

* Discounts are available when purchasing more than one workshop at the same time.

For information on discounts or if you want to get a taste first or have any questions email laura@inventorsandmakers.com

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4 Topics

Getting Set Up

Everything you need to get you ready for the workshop, including an overview, a prep list and a page to help you with the activities.

It's all made simple with a quick optional overview video too.

Hocus Pocus Potions Session

Hocus Pocus Potions is a special Halloween-themed class to tie into other learning and conversation in your setting.

You can make it as themed as you like with Halloween dress up, getting out lots of Halloween resources and reading other Halloween books in your setting too. 


Extra video with a pumpkin potion!

Topics for this session 4
Get This Self-Led Workshop

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