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Hi, I'm Laura from Inventors & Makers. Our virtual sessions are designed to make STEM accessible for you to do from school, nursery or home.

We do all the hard work of planning and teaching STEM for you. We even use resources and equipment you'll probably already have. So all you need to do is get yourself set up and press play on our videos.

Take a look through our workshops and after-school clubs for EYFS, KS1 and KS2, and our home-based Little STEAMers classes for ages 2-5.

Available Sessions

At Home - Little STEAMers 14 Day Trial

For just £1.00 this 14-day trial gives you access to three of our top Little STEAMers classes so you can get a taste for science together.

At Home - Little STEAMers Club

Membership of Little STEAMers Club gives you unlimited access to over 50 classes covering STEAM wherever and whenever you like.

At Home - Coding Unplugged

In this class to do at home, we'll practice some of the key skills behind coding like logic and sequencing, with stories, songs and games.

At Home - Discover Dinosaurs

In this class to do at home we explore dinosaurs by making skeletons and fossils and digging like paleontologists.

At Home - Space Explorers

In this class to do at home we make our own star gazers, blast off with a balloon rocket launch and print the Moon's bumpy surface.

Spark Level Little STEAMers Collection

Get your first curated collection of classes to spark an interest in STEAM at home as you explore potions, colours, ice, shadows and more.

Explore Level Little STEAMers Collection

Continue your STEAM learning journey at home as you take things up a level with classes including chemistry, dinosaurs, coding and more.

Einstein Level Little STEAMers Collection

Take your STEAM learning to the next level with classes to do at home covering gravity, electricity, space and even Earth science.

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