Little STEAMers Spring Term for EYFS

Want to bring STEAM to your setting?

Want to get your children excited about learning?

Want all the hard work of teaching STEAM done for you?

Then Little STEAMers is perfect for you.

This Spring Term course gives you a set of 10 Little STEAMers sessions tailored to the events during winter and into spring so that you can link the classes to other learning in your setting.

"Amazing sessions. We all love them. It is amazing that some of our children, aged three, have understood the concept of symmetry completely!"

We'll be exploring snow (at the start of term!), ramps, magnets and coding, as well as special sessions on mini beasts, lifecycles, plants and Easter* to keep your STEAM topical throughout the spring term. (If you need to swap a class for cultural reasons we're happy to provide an alternative class topic)

And you get everything you need for you and your staff to run the classes easily in your setting.

Try a free taster class first if you're not sure yet.

What you get:

  • A curated set of 10 Little STEAMers on-demand classes 
  • Orientation video and information sheets for your staff to use before you get started. These can also double as part of their professional development.
  • Preparation details to get your setting ready for every class
  • Exploration support for your staff with questions and ideas to help you support your children's learning
  • Observation Sheets tailored to every class.
  • Learning Journal Sheets for every class to share with parents.
  • Bonus content for every topic such as tables, templates or extra ideas to up level children's learning
  • Short stand-alone videos for each activity in the class for you to use to preview or recap the activities
  • Printable certificates for your children at the end of term
  • Parent information sheets for the term's learning
  • Access for one term

12 Topics

Topic 1 - Winter Wondering

In this topic we explore winter and snow with some fun science, maths and art and it's a great way to kick off your term of Little STEAMers.

We engineer with ice to make snowmen and watch a reaction to make a snowstorm in a glass. We then get creative with our own symmetrical snowflake collages.

Topic 2 - Precious Potions

In this topic we explore science and maths with some amazing potions. It's always a Little STEAMers favourite!

We make potions thinking about floating, sinking, dissolving, counting and measuring. We then watch some crazy potion science with colours that you can try yourselves.

Topic 3 - Sound Science

In this topic we explore the science of how sounds are made with our own home made shakers and drums.

We have fun making sounds and our own music and investigating the different sounds and vibrations.

Topic 4 - Coding Unplugged

In this topic we explore the basics of coding for the early years.

We learn about order and sequencing through songs and counting and we use directional coding and arrows to move objects through grids. 

Topic 5 - Space Explorers

In this topic we explore space, stars and the Moon and it's a really fun class for little ones, whether they're space lovers already or not.

We learn about how astronauts get to space and take part in fun activities to create our own star constellations, simulate a rocket launch and decorate a bumpy Moon surface.

Topic 6 - Creepy Crawly Symmetry

In this topic we explore symmetry with fun practical activities from science and maths so that by the end of the class all your children will be able to recognise and recreate symmetry.

We make our own symmetrical loose parts artwork, butterfly paintings and use mirrors to be symmetry detectives so it's a perfect topic for Spring weather and to link to any minibeasts work.

Topic 7 - Ramp Racers

In this topic we explore ramps, gradients, speed and friction as we race our own cars. You could build big ramps outdoors for rolling balls or explore inside.

We learn about how to compare speeds on different slopes and on different surfaces and we compare how different objects roll. We make our own ramps and investigate using fair tests.

Topic 8 - Crazy Caterpillars

In this topic we explore the life cycle of caterpillars with some caterpillar maths games, a touch of engineering, a science reaction and zip line butterfly fun.

It's the perfect topic to tie into spring, minibeasts, new life/life cycles and outdoor exploration. You could even get some caterpillars in to watch grow and release as butterflies.

Topic 9 - Planting Spring

In this topic we learn about plants as they grow from seeds and explore art from the outdoors. You can use this as a class to start growing your own seeds in the classroom.

We grow our own seeds, make some awesome nature artwork and even make celery change colour!

Topic 10 - Easter Eggs-Periments

In this topic we eggs-plore some science and art on an Easter theme as we dye eggs, do an amazing experiment with eggs and investigate the melting point of chocolate eggs.

It's a great class for the end of term to celebrate some Easter fun. If you have allergies in the class you could just watch some of the activities and try those that you can.  

Topics for this session 12
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