Einstein Level Little STEAMers Collection

Want to develop your child's curiosity?

Want to give them a head start on their learning journey?

Want quality time together on your schedule?

Then Little STEAMers classes are perfect for you.

This Einstein Level set of classes will take your child's STEAM learning to the next level as we move to more complex topics.

We'll be exploring gravity, learning about electricity and even blasting off into space as you extend your STEAM journey.

And the Grown Up Guide will show YOU how to help them apply what they've learnt and continue their learning through play at home.

"I couldn't believe my 3-year old understood gravity so well after the class. Even my 18 month old was shouting gravity at bath time whenever she dropped things!"

You don't need to have completed the previous sets of classes as each Little STEAMers class stands alone. These classes are also not designed with older children in mind. While the topics are traditionally more complex, the activities are still appropriate for all children aged 2-5. 

What you get:

  • A curated set of Little STEAMers on-demand classes to explore new and less familiar STEAM concepts
  • Preparation details to get you set up for success for every class
  • Exploration support with questions and ideas so you can support your little one's learning yourself
  • Top parent tips and ideas for every topic to extend your learning at home
  • Bonus content for every topic such as tables, templates or extra ideas to up-level your learning even more
  • Short dip-in videos for each activity in the class to use as a recap or for a quick explore
  • BONUS: Extra video content for you and a personalised hello video for your little one when you're halfway through
  • FREE GIFT: Certificate posted to your house on completion of the course

Optional Add On: Little STEAMers Lab Coat Kit

Kit photo

For an extra £20 (plus UK postage) I'll send you a Little STEAMers kit which includes:

  • Little STEAMers lab coat
  • Coloured goggles
  • Surprise science equipment item
  • Mystery bag
  • Stickers
  • Certificate

11 Topics

Grown Up Guide to STEAM Learning

Click into this topic first to get an intro to your Little STEAMers course if you haven't done one before.

You can use the collection of grown up videos to make sure your STEAM learning together at home is both fun and effective.

Yep, this is the part of the course where you learn too.

We ALL love to learn! 😉

Gravity Playgrounds

In this topic we explore gravity and what it does.

We learn how gravity affects things we drop, make our own slides, create artwork with swings and even use magnets to defy gravity. You'll never go down a slide without shouting "gravity!" again.

Electrifying Science

In this topic we explore electricity as we learn what it is and how we use it.

We do some fun and easy activities with static electricity and I demonstrate a simple circuit that you can try at home if you want to. It's electrifying!

COURSE BONUS: Personalised Video

Get a personalised video for your little one when you've completed three topics!

Make sure to Mark as Complete at least three parts of three topics and you'll earn 18 EPs (engagement points) - enough to open this bonus content!

COURSE BONUS: Grown Up Content

Once you're halfway through the course, I'll release some extra grown up learning content for YOU too.

We ALL love to learn!

Pulley Me Up

This special engineering-themed class explores the simple machine of pulleys with lots of science ideas.

We learn about what a pulley is and why they are useful and then we make a few different pulleys of our own for our toys.

When the Earth Moves

In this topic we explore basic earth science with some fun activities.

We engineer towers for earthquakes, make tsunamis and create our own volcanic eruptions. There's some earth-shattering learning going on.

Enviro Warriors

In this special topic we explore what it means to be environmentally friendly to save our planet.

We learn about how to sort our rubbish, save polar bears from melting ice caps and clean up an oil spill. You'll have a little enviro warrior around the house in no time.

Space Explorers

In this topic we explore space, stars and the Moon for all space lovers as we go on an adventure into space together.

We learn about how astronauts get to space and take part in fun activities to create our own star constellations, simulate a rocket launch and decorate a bumpy Moon surface.

COURSE BONUS: Personalised Certificate in the Post!

When you finish the course I'll post you a personalised certificate for your child or children so you can display it at home to celebrate all your learning!

You need 50 Engagement Points (EPs) to unlock this bonus. You can get 2 EPs for Marking as Complete one part of a topic and 1 for opening the part.

What Next?

Once you finish this Explore Level course, you'll get an exclusive discount code to start your next Little STEAMers course.

Open up this part to get your discount code. If you're receiving emails from me, I'll also send it there.

Why not continue your STEAM learning journey together at home?

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