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55 Topics

Grown Up Guide to STEAM Learning

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You can use the collection of grown up videos to make sure your STEAM learning together at home is both fun and effective.

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1. Precious Potions

In this topic we explore science and maths with some amazing potions.

We make potions thinking about floating, sinking, dissolving, counting and measuring. We then watch some crazy potion science with colours that you can try at home.

2. Air Power

In this topic we explore air with some fun science and art.

We find out about air by exploring different ways to make bubbles and take on some fun ways to play at moving different objects around with air. We also try some other investigations with hairdryers and fans to extend our learning.

3. Colour Science

In this topic we explore colours with some fun science and art.

We mix colours in a couple of different investigations to try yourself. We then separate colours with chromatography to find out what's hiding inside the colour black. 

4. Water

In this topic we explore properties of water and the basics of the water cycle.

We'll watch how warm water rises and investigate adding salt to water to change what will float.

5. Marvellous Magnets

In this class we explore magnets, making predictions about materials that will be magnetic and comparing the strength of magnets.

We also have fun playing with mazes and painting with magnets.

6. Ice Adventures

In this topic we explore ice: what it is, how it's made and what it can do.

We talk about the properties of ice and freezing and melting. We also use salt with ice to get some pretty cool results.

8. Chemistry Champions

In this topic we explore what chemistry is as we learn about reactions and making things change.

We explore three different chemistry experiments together and learn about making observations. The reactions are simple enough to try at home while still giving you plenty to say "Wow!" about.

11. Pitch Perfect

This topic explores how sounds are made and that sounds can be high or low in pitch.

We learn about how vibrations create sound and create some of our own musical instruments to change pitch through striking, blowing and plucking.

12. What's It Made Of?

In this topic we ask what things are made of as we explore different materials.

We learn to recognise and sort materials, thinking about their properties and then investigate absorption with different materials.

13. Body Buddies

In this topic we explore the human body with some fun science and maths.

We learn the names for body parts, listen to our hearts like doctors and make stomachs to see how our food is digested.

14. Gravity Playgrounds

In this topic we explore gravity and what it does.

We learn how gravity affects things we drop, make our own slides, create artwork with swings and even use magnets to defy gravity. You'll never go down a slide without shouting "gravity!" again.

15. Sink It!

In this topic we explore floating and sinking with counting, measurement, weight and problem solving challenges!

It's water play with an educational twist and a top favourite class for children as they learn through water play.

16. Sound Science

In this topic we explore the science of how sounds are made with our own home made shakers and drums.

We have fun making sounds and our own music and investigating the different sounds and vibrations.

17. When The Earth Moves

In this topic we explore basic earth science with some fun activities.

We engineer towers for earthquakes, make tsunamis and create our own volcanic eruptions. There's some earth-shattering learning going on.

18. A Shadow Show

In this topic we explore light and shadows with some fun activities.

We look at how shadows are made, investigate how we can change how shadows look and even make our own puppet show.

19. Crazy Caterpillars

In this topic we explore the life cycle of caterpillars with some caterpillar maths games, a touch of engineering, a science reaction and zip line butterfly fun.

It's the perfect topic to talk about spring, minibeasts, new life/life cycles and outdoor exploration. You could even get some caterpillars yourself to watch grow and release as butterflies.

20. States That Matter

In this topic we explore states of matter as we learn about solids, liquids and gases with fun games and activities.

We learn how to move between the different states and make a cool substance to challenge what we've learnt!

21. Electrifying Science

In this topic we explore electricity as we learn what it is and how we use it.

We do some fun and easy activities with static electricity and I demonstrate a simple circuit that you can try at home if you want to.

22. Enviro Warriors

In this topic we explore what it means to be environmentally friendly to save our planet.

We learn about how to sort our rubbish, save polar bears from melting ice caps and clean up an oil spill.

23. Boat Builders

In this topic we recap floating and sinking while children explore basics of buoyancy and water resistance.

We make our own boats from different materials and test them out in a scientific way before getting creative with our boats.

24. Brilliant Bridges

In this topic we explore building bridges, learning about how to construct bridges from different materials and the structural requirements to make a strong bridge.

We build our own bridges from books, straws and craft sticks.

25. Amazing Architects

In this topic we explore engineering and maths as we learn about architects and design and build houses.

We use some traditional and less traditional building methods and get plenty of ideas to keep building together at home after the class.

26. Flying Fun

This class explores flying and how weight and shape affect how well something flies.

We make our own flying planes and construct planes from different materials to use the right words for plane parts.

27. Towers Up

In this topic we explore engineering and different ways to make tall towers.

We use blocks as well as less traditional building materials to learn about strong foundations and practice hand eye coordination as we build as tall as we can.

28. Ramp Racers

This topic explores ramps, gradients, speed and friction as we race our own cars.

We learn about how to compare speeds on different slopes and on different surfaces and we compare how different objects roll. We make our own ramps and investigate using fair tests.

29. Magnificent Machines

This topic explores engineering with simple machines.

We learn about how engineers and inventors use simple machines and then we explore one of the six simple machines, the inclined plane, with simple games and activities.

30. Pulley Me Up

This special engineering-themed class explores the simple machine of pulleys with lots of science ideas.

We learn about what a pulley is and why they are useful and then we make a few different pulleys of our own to give our toys a ride.

31. Clever Levers

In this topic, we explore all about one of the simple machines: the lever.

We use engineering and maths to make lever see saws, use levers to lift things and build our own catapults.

32. Cool Cars

In this topic we explore engineering with wheels and axles and cars.

We use our imaginations as we build our own cars; use cars to make artwork and learn about how wheels and axles work with fruit.

33. Weight's Up?

In this topic we explore weight, learning about heavy things and light things.

We build our own seesaws and weighing scales and practice weighing and comparing different objects you'll find around your setting.

34. Coding Unplugged

In this topic we explore the basics of coding for the early years.

We learn about order and sequencing through songs and counting and we use directional coding and arrows to move objects through grids. 

35. A Circus of Shapes

In this topic we explore 2D shapes with fun maths and art activities.

We identify and hunt for shapes and then we make our own shapes with an animal theme. We then use shapes to get creative with some artwork.

36. How Much Space?

In this topic we explore volume and water displacement.

We learn that volume means how much space is inside a container through investigating and exploring with liquids and solids as we pour, count, compare and make overflow.

37. Coding Playmates

This topic explores robots and where they are used around us, including how robots are programmed.

We don't write code or even use a device, but instead we learn important skills needed for coding: logic, sequencing and problem solving as we take on practical activities that help us build our own robot playmate.

38. Pattern Pickers

In this topic we explore maths and science with patterns and matching.

We build with patterns, use patterns to make messy art and blow bubble patterns in water to talk about shapes. Yes, there's some water play - everyone's favourite!

39. Creepy Crawly Symmetry

In this topic we explore symmetry with fun practical activities from science and maths.

We make our own symmetrical loose parts artwork, butterfly paintings and use mirrors to be symmetry detectives.

40. Discover Dinosaurs

This special dinosaur themed class explores science, arts and maths linked to dinosaurs and paleontology.

We learn about fossils and make our own, we dig to find dinosaurs just like a real paleontologist and we get creative as we make our own skeletons.

41. Space Explorers

In this topic we explore space, stars and the Moon for all space lovers as we go on an adventure into space together.

We learn about how astronauts get to space and take part in fun activities to create our own star constellations, simulate a rocket launch and decorate a bumpy Moon surface.

42. Under The Sea

This topic explores the sea using a few different scientific topics.

We learn about saltwater, find out what stops sharks sinking and go on a fishing trip with magnets. There are plenty of suggestions for how to turn the activities into fun games after the class has finished.

43. Safari STEAM

This special safari themed class explores science and maths linked to animals.

We learn about where different animals live, we think about tracking different animals and we make our own giraffe skin.

44. Fantastic Fireworks

This Bonfire Night special topic explores fireworks with lots of science and maths.

We learn about mixing oil and water, how air can be used as a force and we get crafty as we make our own firework pictures using a fun technique.

45. Hocus Pocus Potions

This Halloween special topic explores potions with lots of science and maths.

We learn about mixing and combining different ingredients as well as separating some of them back out again. We then make our own spooky halloween lava lamps. There are plenty of fun games and activities for children to continue on after the end of the online class.

46. Christmas Special

In this class we get into the festive spirit with some Christmas-themed STEAM.

We engineer toy chutes, get creative with ice lanterns and stack our own Christmas trees with lots of shape and counting.

48. Planting Spring

In this topic we learn about plants as they grow from seeds and explore art from the outdoors.

We grow our own seeds, make some awesome nature artwork and even make celery change colour!

49. New Years STEAM

In this class we explore STEAM with a new year's theme.

We create sensory firework pictures with shaving foam, make confetti launchers, and 2022 pictures to practice counting.

50. Summer STEAM

This topic explores some fun outdoor projects you can try over the summer.

We learn about water density with water balloons, make a mess with a bottle rocket and use the sun to melt snacks

51. Easter Eggs-Periments

In this topic we explore some science and art on an Easter theme.

We dye eggs, do an amazing experiment with eggs and investigate the melting point of chocolate (and some other treats).

BONUS CONTENT: Grown Up Content

Once you've completed three topics, I'll release some extra grown up learning content for YOU too.

We ALL love to learn!

BONUS CONTENT: Personalised Certificate in the Post!

When you finish three topics I'll post you a personalised certificate for your child or children so you can display it at home to celebrate all your learning!

You need 42 Engagement Points (EPs) to unlock this bonus. You can get 2 EPs for Marking as Complete one part of a topic and 1 for opening the part. You'll see the total EPs ticking up at the top of your screen :)

Topics for this session 55
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