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Hi, I'm Laura from Inventors & Makers. Our self-led virtual workshops and clubs are designed to make STEM accessible for you to do from school, nursery or home.

We do all the hard work of planning and teaching STEM for you. We even use resources and equipment you'll probably already have. So all you need to do is get yourself set up and press play on our videos.

Take a look through our workshops and after-school clubs for EYFS, KS1 and KS2, and our home-based Little STEAMers classes for ages 2-5.

"The teachers were able to simply click on their link and use the STEM workshop with their children in their own room. The resources for the activities were easy to grab and low in cost and each activity was age appropriate. The children were engaged throughout and it was very helpful to be able to pause the video to ask their very curious questions and discuss further if needed. They had lots of fun!" (Miss Field DT/Science Lead, Kirkheaton Primary School)

Available Sessions

A Year of STEM Heroes

With A Year of STEM Heroes you get more than a school year's worth of Inventors & Makers of the Week resources to share with your class.

STEM Heroes Assemblies for KS1 & KS2

These interactive extended assemblies get all your pupils thinking about inventors, inventions and seeing themselves as inventors of the future. 

*NEW* Through Space & Time Workshop for KS1

In this Week space-themed workshop, children learn about mankind's journey into space through the world of engineering with hands-on problem-solving activities.

Super Structures Workshop for KS1

In this workshop children learn about what engineering is and then use engineering principles to build their own sturdy structures.

Saving the Day Invention Workshop for KS1

This workshop introduces inventors and inventions and teaches children to come up with their own inventions to solve a problem from a story.

The Secrets of Code Workshop for KS1

In this unplugged coding workshop, children learn about human connectivity from solving cypher codes in Roman times to how computers work using binary code today.

Marvellous Machines Workshop for KS1

This workshop teaches children about levers, pulleys and inclined planes as they engineer their own machines to solve problems from a story.

Engineering Mini Workshop for KS2

This short taster workshop gives you a flavour of our workshops with a simple engineering challenge that you can set up today, for a small one-off fee.

*NEW* Space & Time Engineering Workshop for KS2

In this British Science Week space-themed workshop we learn about mankind's journey into space through the world of engineering with hands-on activities.

Engineering & Structures Workshop for KS2

This workshop explores the evolution of structures and engineering principles as children take part in hands-on construction challenges.

Engineering & Machines Workshop for KS2

Children discover the six simple machines and complete engineering challenges to construct them, thinking about the forces in action.

Invention & Design Workshop for KS2

This workshop inspires pupils to come up with their own invention ideas as they learn about and use the design thinking process.

Cyphers & Code Workshop for KS2

In this unplugged coding workshop we explore how humans have communicated with cyphers through history and how computers operate using binary code today. 

The Secrets of Encryption Workshop for UKS2

This coding unplugged workshop follows the use of cyphers to communicate throughout history and how these form the basis of modern day encryption on our phones. 

CPD Staff Training on Engineering

This training session gives staff confidence in engineering to bring simple engineering ideas to the classroom, across the curriculum.

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