Rides & Games : Full Term of STEM for KS2

Want to bring high quality STEM to your pupils?

Want all the hard work done for you?

Ready to start right away wherever you are?

Then Inventors & Makers Engineer Academy is perfect for you.

This programme leads on from our Engineer Academy: Strong Foundations to continue your pupils' learning journey into all things engineering. Completing the Strong Foundations course first is not essential as we introduce the concepts each time, but we'd recommend that as a club leader you'll find it easier to do Strong Foundations first.

With this programme, you'll get a set of 10 online classes to get your KS2 pupils engineering and take them through different areas of engineering with new practical challenges every week.

We design and build rides and games linking to machines and mechanisms, including pinball machines, helter skelters and carousels with motors.

Everything from planning to delivery is done for you, so all you have to do is get hold of a few simple resources each week and then facilitate the activities using the guidance provided, whether that's in an after-school club or during class time.

What you get:

  • 10 short online videos to teach and demonstrate each week's Engineer Academy challenges
  • Short and simple set up information to read through before you get started
  • Teacher Support one-pagers for every week, including information on set up, lesson structure, facilitation tips and optional extras to help you implement the session
  • Printable certificates and report cards for your pupils at the end of term
  • Parent information sheets for the start of term and a blurb to advertise as an after-school club
  • Printable display materials to showcase STEM throughout the school.

The Academy can work flexibly for your school. There are suggestions for extra activities if you have more time available or ways to make each week's activities fit into a shorter session. Additionally, the 10 sessions can be extended over more weeks or you could miss some weeks if you needed to.

Take a look at the Sneak Peek Preview module for more information or drop an email to laura@inventorsandmakers.com

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