Towers Up

Want to bring STEAM to your setting?

Want to get your children excited about learning?

Want all the hard work of teaching STEAM done for you?

Then Little STEAMers is perfect for you.

This workshop is linked to engineering and growth giving you all the teaching and planning to try out simple and exciting activities in your own setting.

We'll be exploring towers as we learn about the importance of strong foundations, why towers have to be strong and do some counting and shapes as we make three different kinds of towers. 

And you get everything you need for you and your staff to run the workshop easily in your setting.

What you get:

  • A Little STEAMers on-demand workshop to do any time that suits you 
  • Optional orientation video and information sheets for your staff to use before you get started. These can also double as part of their professional development
  • Preparation details with very simple resources to get your setting ready for the workshop
  • Exploration support for your staff with questions and ideas to help you support your children's learning
  • Observation Sheets 
  • Learning Journal Sheets
  • Bonus content including a table that children can fill in to up level their learning
  • Printable certificates
  • Parent information sheets to send home
  • Printable display materials if you want to make a display to remember all your hard STEAM work
  • Access for a whole month to watch whenever suits you

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